• Виктор Смирнов

    Виктор Смирнов

  • James Jor

    James Jor

    Hi, I am passionate technical researcher & writer, skilled in writing about web, app, UX/UI development, technologies,e-learning,webrtc & more.

  • Daoudi Achref

    Daoudi Achref

  • Igor Cotruta

    Igor Cotruta

    Business intelligence developer interested in shiny charts and dim lit data models

  • Zarikkhan


  • Ho Yipyik

    Ho Yipyik

    A University Student in Asia

  • John Young

    John Young

    Founder, Cryptosheets and Spreadstreet. Husband to the most beautiful woman in the world. Runner-up in 6th grade spelling bee. Super-nerd.

  • Trần Văn Toàn

    Trần Văn Toàn

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